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By: :Nataliia B 0 comments
Colours are one of the most unique and rich decorations in our lives. Colour perception is an important step in a baby's development. 
Have you ever wondered why kids’ toys and other products like our GET FRESH Bamboo dinnerware are brightly-coloured? Do you know that colours can boost your kids’ cognitive and motor skills?
No wonder, as kids are positively affected by them. You may not suspect but every colour has its own impact upon your toddler. Nice and pleasant colours create a positive atmosphere.
The range of colors that are used in your child’s surroundings, no matter whether it is the color of clothing, a child's room or a playground, has a significant impact not only on the speech and eyesight development, but also on the child's development and psychological well-being in general.That’s why it would be very useful to know how each colour can influence your kid.
  • Red is a very strong and active colour.  That’s why it has to be used with caution as it can cause hyper activity. At the same time red colour gives joy to both children and adults. But it’s advisable not to overuse it in a child's nursery.  Especially, do not use too much red for a hyperactive baby, so as not to increase nervousness and anxiety.
  • Blue can be called the opposite of red because of its soothing nature. It evokes a feeling of calm and comfort. It helps a kids’ peaceful transition to sleep which is why it’s recommended to be used with very active and energetic children.
  • Orange colour usually represents sociability and happiness. Psychologists recommend using it in the rooms of introverted children to boost their confidence and independence.
  • Yellow is considered to be the color of harmony.  It can make the child feel joyful and it also stimulates children’s attention and increases appetite.
  • Green colour represents the power of nature, life and health. It brings peace and calm. So don't hesitate to use this most natural and balanced colour in your kids' nurseries and the surrounding objects.
We also use green and yellow colours for our GET FRESH Bamboo plates, cups, bowls and spoons.
  • Brown is a mixture of yellow, black and red. It's reliable, warm and positive, often associated with the universe. This colour can be helpful in developing kids' responsibility, giving at the same time the feeling of serenity and peace.
Understanding the effect of each colour on the child, you can now decorate and arrange the children’s space not only beautifully, but also usefully. We created our GET FRESH Bamboo dinnerware with all that information in mind.
So, when you use our GET FRESH Bamboo products your kids feel and develop better.


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