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By: :Nataliia B 0 comments

At first, let us briefly recap what PLA actually is and why it is so cool.

PLA is a thermoplastic, or simply a polymer, made of renewable resources such as tapioca roots, corn starch, or even sugarcane that are being fermented under some specific conditions.

And, as well as bamboo fiber, PLA has loooots of cool advantages:

  • PLA is made from renewable materials, so it means that its production does not harm our precious Earth and does not threaten the extinction of any resource.

  • Unlike bamboo, PLA is suitable for microwave. So you can just pour some soup or any other delicious stuff for you kid into your PLA dinnerware and freely put it into the microwave to heat it without worrying about its durability.

  • It has a reduced carbon footprint on our planet, because its crops absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions while growing and it takes much less energy to produce comparing to plastic and even bamboo

  • It is 100% BIODEGRADABLE and it causes no harm to the environment as it degrades into a non-toxic acid!


So all of these pros of PLA mean that you can be sure that your kid will get maximum use from each meal as PLA-based dinnerware does not affect tastes and is completely non-toxic. Also, you can be calm for our planet as PLA is made from renewable plants, has almost no carbon footprint and is 100% biodegradable!

Soon our new PLA dinnerware will appear in our Shop, do not miss it :)

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