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PLA Kids Cutlery Set

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Our PLA Cutlery for Kids is made with love for parents with the same need as ours – to feed our children from safe, stackable, stylish and environmentally conscious dinnerware.

These spoons ans forks are created especially for your kids. They are made only of high quality, non-toxic and environmentally friendly material.

Being plant based and 100% safe for children this Kids PLA Cutlery will definitely be approved by your Picky Little Ones thanks to its bright colors and chic design.

From now on you will not have any problems with feeding your kid, because our amazing forks and spoons are specifically designed for kids starting taking meal on their own and they do their job perfectly well. Mix & match them with large variety of our other plant-based kids dinnerware products.


  1. Material – Based on polyactic acid.
  2. Eco-friendly, non-toxic and FDA-approved.
  3. Safe for Kids – BPA-free
  4. Phthalates Free, Lead-free, Cadmium-free, Mercury-free and Melamine-free.
  5. Does Not Affect Consistency, Aroma or Food Taste.
  6. Easy to clean – Dishwasher Safe (Top Rack).
  7. Suitable for Microwave
  8. Extra thick & durable – thickened material for extra durability and comfy use


What you get:

  • 1 Red Spoon (13 cm x 3 cm)
  • 1 Yellow Spoon (13 cm x 3 cm)
  • 1 Mint Spoon (13 cm x 3 cm)
  • 1 Blue Spoon (13 cm x 3 cm)
  • 1 Red Fork (13 cm x 3 cm)
  • 1 Yellow Fork (13 cm x 3 cm)
  • 1 Mint Fork (13 cm x 3 cm)
  • 1 Blue Fork (13 cm x 3 cm)


  • Wash firmly with hands or in dishwasher machine after each meal.
  • Suitable for microwave

Visit our FAQs for more information.

Other Details:

Composition: polyactic acid, cornstarch, traces of food grade resin, natural coloring pigment.

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